Case Studies

Local Government

Scanned all Building Permit, Plan Commission, and Board of Zoning Appeals files from 1960s through present for the City of Crown Point, Indiana

Created a searchable electronic archive and database
Improved response time to citizens’ requests for documents from two to three days to under one hour
Eliminated the need for a large amount of box storage and ten lateral and tall file cabinets in the office


Scanned all patient files, accounting, personnel, and administrative records for large home health agency

Eliminated storage of historical paper records, allowing office space to be used for other purposes
Provided desktop access to financial and other records for administrative purposes
Provided access to patient charts as needed by appropriate nursing personnel while creating a HIPAA-compliant records storage system


Scanned 171,000+ engineering drawings dating from 1905 through present for major US tire manufacturer

Transformed thousands of deteriorating dark sepias, blueprints, etc. into legible blackline digital images
Provided easy desktop access to drawings by multiple search fields
Eliminated the need for over 75 flat file cabinets
Effectively provided a digital catalog of all tooling and design drawings