Financial Services

“If I had it my way, I would have every piece of paper in our office scanned. It was quick and easy, and I couldn’t be any happier.”

Erin Patrick, Office Administrator
Cox, Beckman, Goss and Company

Increase business value, streamline your operations, and simplify regulatory compliance by converting your paper-based office to a digital environment. eLucida Imaging’s solutions allow you to retrieve documents and locate information instantly, while freeing up valuable office space that can be used to generate revenue.

Whether you want a simple archive of client files or a sophisticated system with workflow, audit trail, and web access, you can count on the professionals at eLucida Imaging to help you implement the right solution for your needs.

Reduce costs and increase profits while serving your clients more effectively and efficiently.

Where is handling paper costing you money?

  • Client Records
  • Real Estate Files
  • Title & Mortgage Files
  • Tax Returns
  • Insurance Records
  • Accounting Records
  • Monthly, Quarterly, & Annual Statements
  • Payroll Records
  • Audit Reports
  • Business Records
  • Client Contact Documentation
  • Correspondence