Government Services

“The scanning services we have received from eLucida Imaging have saved our City at least two hours a week searching for old records. It has improved our turnaround time from two or three days to maybe an hour at the most to deliver needed documents to our Citizens. I would recommend eLucida Imaging to anybody who calls. It has been wonderful working with your company and yourself throughout this past year. I personally wish you and your company all the success in the future. If and when I get calls about my scanning project with eLucida Imaging, I WILL NOT HESITATE to tell them about the wonderful company you command.”

Bill Kozlowski, Building Administrator
City of Crown Point, IN

eLucida Imaging assists numerous local and state government entities in their quest to access information more efficiently. Some projects are initiated to reduce the number of filing cabinets and boxes choking hallways and encroaching on scarce office space. Other projects are motivated by deterioration that threatens vital records.

Whatever your scanning or document management needs, you can turn to eLucida Imaging as a trusted partner to help you accomplish your goals in a fiscally responsible manner.

The following is a partial list of government documents we scan:

City Government

  • Plan Commission files
  • Building permits
  • Zoning records
  • Engineering departments
  • Large format drawings, prints, maps, aerial photos
  • Council minutes
  • Surveys
  • Job fair résumés

Metropolitan Planning Organization

  • Project files
  • Bound manuals
  • Large format drawings, prints, maps, aerial photos
  • Historical records

State Government

  • Case files for toxicology lab

Regional Airport

  • Large format drawings, prints, maps, aerial photos
  • Real estate acquisition files
  • Historical project (photos, newspaper clippings, etc.)


  • Student records/transcripts
  • Student discipline records
  • IEPs (Individualized Education Programs)
  • Personnel files