A Note from Mary Jo Gremling, President:

My goal as president and CEO of eLucida Imaging is to provide each of our clients with a stress-free and seamless transition into the world of digital document and information management. Maybe it’s my background as a registered nurse or my long-time role as a mother that makes me place a high value on providing our customers with a unique experience of superior service throughout our relationship.

In document imaging, as in nursing, there is little room for error. That’s the corporate culture I’ve tried to inspire, while still making eLucida Imaging a great place for our employees to work. We have a good time, but everyone understands the importance of the documents entrusted to us.

Among my most rewarding experiences has been the opportunity to work with my two adult children and to enjoy the unique skills and talents they’ve each contributed to the business.

As the wife of a quality engineer and the daughter of a quality manager, I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe “continuous improvement.” How can we help our clients streamline their processes, reduce their costs, and solve their space issues? Our customers’ concerns become ours as we work together to provide the best solutions for their needs.

I invite you to contact eLucida Imaging now as you consider your document scanning / information management project. We welcome your questions, and our entire crew looks forward to helping you successfully complete your project.

Call me personally at (317) 849-8853 and let us earn your business.

At your service,

Mary Jo

Mary Jo Gremling, founder, president, and CEO of eLucida Imaging, is a graduate of Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in Toledo, Ohio. With her background as a registered nurse, she brings to the table an unwavering, detail-oriented commitment to the highest quality standards.

In 2008, Mary Jo received the Businesswoman of the Year Award from the Network of Women in Business, an honor that recognizes an exceptional woman who has achieved prominence and success in the business community.