eLucida has programs specifically for other professional services firms who would like to add information and document services to their current offerings

Overall Benefits of Using eLucida as Information and Document Imaging Partner

Labor Intensive Scanning in Multiple Formats

  • Add scanning to your professional services without the hard work
  • Subcontract to the experts
  • No hiring of contract or temporary resources to fill client demand

High Quality, Efficient Processes

  • eLucida’s quality and attention to detail are consistent with your brand
  • Your clients will have easy access to their information and documents
  • eLucida’s efficiency provides cost-efficient solutions for your clients

Reduction in Equipment and Maintenance

  • No need to purchase or repair expensive equipment
  • No need to stay up-to-date with latest technology
  • No need for costly maintenance contracts

Competitive Pricing

  • eLucida’s competitive pricing allows you to make money on referrals
  • Your clients will find savings with eLucida vs. scanning internally
  • eLucida offers discounts for long-term contracts

Partner for Growth

  • eLucida is a partner that can help you grow your business
  • Single source for scanning needs
  • Partner rather than competitor