“If I had it my way, I would have every piece of paper in our office scanned. It was quick and easy, and I couldn’t be any happier. The key for our company was the amount of space we were able to create by purging our file room. Once our internal purge process was completed, eLucida was very efficient in getting all of the files scanned and back to us.”

Erin Patrick, Office Administrator
Cox, Beckman, Goss and Company
Indianapolis, IN


“eLucida Imaging personnel were very professional and helpful with setting up the project. They finished on time and within the budget agreement. We have been very happy with their results. We were able to close a drawing vault at another site and can now access all our legacy drawings electronically. We no longer have to send someone over to retrieve the drawing, and then scan it for use in our CAD system. I recommend eLucida Imaging to successfully complete your complicated document imaging project.”

Steven E., Design Engineer
Major US Tire Manufacturer
Akron, OH


“The scanning services we have received from eLucida Imaging have saved our City at least two hours a week searching for old records. It has improved our turnaround time from two or three days to maybe an hour at the most to deliver needed documents to our Citizens. I would recommend eLucida Imaging to anybody who calls. It has been wonderful working with your company and yourself throughout this past year. I personally wish you and your company all the success in the future. If and when I get calls about my scanning project with eLucida Imaging, I WILL NOT HESITATE to tell them about the wonderful company you command.”

Bill Kozlowski, Building Administrator
City of Crown Point, IN


“Highest quality. Timely turn around time. Great people to do business with. Professional ownership and competitive prices. With eLucida Imaging, we’ve benefited from all of the above, plus the feeling of security knowing our documents are being processed by qualified professional personnel.”

Sherry Sauer, Office Manager
Kosciusko Home Care and Hospice
Warsaw, IN


Here are a few of the benefits we have experienced with eLucida Imaging:

  • The system and process are easy.
  • We have eliminated costs for on-site and off-site storage.
  • We have a secure electronic set of all files. This has allowed us to meet corporate policy for privacy and disaster recovery.
  • We now can easily access historical files and move information quickly via email. Our response time to a customer request for historical information is fast and efficient.
  • Employees spend much less time finding historical files. This allows staff to remain productive with current files and closings.

And finally, you and your company have been terrific to work with. You have been a valued service provider and helped our two operations immensely. I am grateful that our companies have a terrific relationship. Let your team know how much we appreciate their knowledge, dedication and support.”

Ron Engels, Jr., former President
Burnet Title
Des Plaines, IL and Schererville, IN


Our experience with eLucida Imaging has been outstanding. They are professional, reliable, timely and accurate. We have seen a significant increase in efficiency since we started utilizing them to scan documents for our accounting practice. Researching old records no longer requires pulling boxes from storage and digging through thousands of sheets of paper in search of that one missing document. Additionally, we have freed up office space by eliminating file cabinets. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to get out from under the paper crush and make their business more efficient.”

Andrew A. Taylor
CPA, Haffley, Taylor & Company, LLC
Indianapolis, IN


“Our biggest benefits are cost and space utilization. We are a small company and don’t have enough personnel to have a salaried employee spending time scanning documents. Our efficiency has increased with eLucida Imaging providing a value-added service. Also, space constraints do not allow us to let files stack up waiting to be scanned.”

Tom Hedderich, President
The Mortgage Network
Indianapolis, IN


“Utilizing eLucida Imaging’s services has reduced in-house hours compiling owners’ manuals and saves time and money on every project. This has allowed us to better use our time on other critical items.”

Tim Roberts
Buckingham Companies
Indianapolis, IN


“eLucida Imaging definitely saves us time, as I don’t have to scan each file. It also helps to keep our file room in order, as I am holding only six months of physical files on site. eLucida arrives every quarter to pick up files and has the disks back to us in a very short period of time. The files are very easy to access once they are uploaded to my computer, and the disks are stored off site.”

Tani Fassler
The Mortgage Network
Indianapolis, IN


“The biggest benefits for us are labor and money saved. The scanning eLucida did provided us with enormous labor savings, and the time saved was huge. This project would still be in process if it weren’t for eLucida.”

Karen L. Brown
Warren City Schools Foundation
Warren, OH