How We Work

At eLucida Imaging, our mission is to provide superior quality document management services backed by the highest integrity and professionalism. We tailor each project to your unique needs and closely monitor each step for quality assurance throughout the entire process.

We’re fanatics about quality. By most standards, 99.9% accuracy would be considered very good. In our industry, that would mean one page out of every 1,000 could be missing or illegible, and that is certainly not acceptable. We work hard to ensure that every page is accurately captured and every file is correctly indexed.

While you recognize the value of document scanning and electronic records management, you may not have the time, space, equipment, software, personnel, or expertise to successfully convert your paper documents to searchable, accessible, secure electronic information.

That’s where we provide value. We take the pain out of going paperless and improve your productivity by doing the “grunt work” for you. Document management is our expertise, and outsourcing that function to us can relieve you of a lot of headaches.